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Ring gauge classification

发布时间:2020-01-15 16:30:55
The ring gauge, also known as the correction ring gauge, is a ring with a specific size and attribute used to correct the inadequacy of the gauge.

The ring gauge is the limit gauge for the shaft. It is mainly used to measure the shaft or other outer dimension with tolerance class of 1T6 ~ 1T16. The ring gauge can't check the parts and crankshaft processed on the front end, so its application scope is limited.

Ring gauges can be divided into: smooth ring gauges are also called ring gauges, thread ring gauges, parallel thread ring gauges, etc. According to the different USES and manufacturing standards can be divided into: standard ring gauge, SK standard ring gauge, German standard ring gauge, pipe ring gauge, etc. Ceramic ring gauge and metal ring gauge can also be different according to different manufacturing materials.

The ring gauge is not used independently.
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